Restaurant Photography is now offering professional editing services for Private Chefs and Caterers to help them attract customers for pick up and food deliveries. 


Why Do You Need Food Photography Editing?

  • Trust is very important when it comes to food. It is a matter that affects one's health and so the customers must find the chef or catering company reliable. Appealing photos of food improves trust in the company and the chef.

  • Professionally taken or edited photos of food will indicate good quality of the food. When the food is seen as being fresh and inviting customers will certainly relate it to tasty food. 

  • You will get better results from your marketing and advertising efforts. Plus you will see a lot more engagement with amazing reactions on your Social Media platforms.


After your first order I will email you a few tips on how to take better food photos for your next food photo shoot!

The better photos you take, the better the editing will be also.

Don't forget to update all your delivery platforms, social media, and website with the new edited food photos to get more new and returning customers. I'm very excited to help you sharing amazing food photos! 


Send your food photos through WeTransfer with minimum of 20 photos for only editing or at least 15 photos for editing services and adding logo



After you send the photos I will start editing them and let you know when I finish editing. You will get a separate email with the invoice that you can pay with debit or credit card


Once you pay the invoice, I will share all the edited photos with you through Google album - this way you will always have all the edited photos in one place

Get Professional Editing Services for $5 per photo with minimum of 20 photos.

Alternatively, you could have editing services + adding your logo for $7 per photo with minimum of 15 photos. **Photos with logo are only available as Instagram square size image**

Please send your food photos through WeTransfer.com saying email to: treysi.foodphotography@gmail.com - this is the safest and fastest way to share photos.

Make sure to send your logo as well if you'd like to have your logo on each photo.

After you send them, I will start working on your photos and when they're ready I will send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, I will share the edited photos with you.

Chef Greg L.

Treysi was extremely helpful with photo editing!! And gave me some great photo taking pointers!!


Chef Terrance J.

Awesome working with Treysi to enhance my food photos, what a diffrence it made to make my pics look like a 5 star restaurant

Chef Jazmyn W.

Great pointers on how to make my photos pop! Suggestions make the entire difference!

Ready to get a professional touch on your food photos?

Editing services for only $5 per photo with minimum of 20 photos or editing services + adding your logo for $7 per photo with minimum of 15 photos.

Send your food photos now through WeTransfer.com saying email to: treysi.foodphotography@gmail.com and I will start editing as soon as possible!