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Treysi started her photography career in 2015. Her passion for photography and love for food inspired her to take food photography courses in Miami and New York that taught her essential small details in practicing restaurant food photography to deliver the best looking food and ambiance photos.​


Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, moved to South Florida in 2011. After getting her business degree from the University of Miami, Treysi also completed her MBA studies at Nova Southeastern University. 

She's been working with over 50+ local restaurants in South Florida since 2018 and she recently published her first online course in Restaurant Food Photography in 2021. 

Top Clients:

  • Oceania Cruises Culinary Photography

  • Fort Lauderdale Magazine Editorial Work

  • P.F.Chang's New Menu Photography

  • Starbucks Ambiance Photography

  • Feeding South Florida Cook Book

Local Magazine Interviews

CanvasRebel and VoyageMIA - Miami's Most Inspiring Stories​

Is there a particular goal or mission driving your creative journey?

  • My goal and mission has always been providing the best photos for my clients for them to be able to attract new and returning customers and grow their businesses. High quality photos have an instant effect on capturing people's attention and inviting them to take an action on either going to the restaurant or ordering online for delivery. There are so many restaurants in South Florida and the competition is very high. Any restaurant business that wants to get more attention has to do things in a better way than the other ones, and having professional food photography is one of the ways to do that.

What’s been the most effective strategy for growing your clientele?


  • Keep doing what I love doing! The more I practice and the more I build my portfolio, there's more clients finding me and wanting to work with me. There's no limit to creating and sharing. People realize easily when we put our heart and soul into something.

What's been the most meaningful project you've worked on? Tell us the backstory so we understand circumstances/context and why it's meaningful to you.


  • The most meaningful project I've worked on until today would be culinary photoshoot for a well-known cruise line company based in Miami, FL. Since day one of starting professional photography, my dream always has been to work with high end restaurants, magazines, well-known chefs, and the most successful brands in the food industry. The intention behind this dream wasn't to charge very high amounts and try to make the most money, but it's to be able to share that space and have the experience of working with amazingly talented and successful people. It's truly a pleasure to be around those people who have worked so hard and practiced a lot to get to the place they are right now. It takes a lot of time and energy to build a strong brand and grow a business, and I really appreciate having opportunities to work with highly successful brands in the restaurant and food industry.

Please tell our readers about yourself, what problems you solve for your clients and/or what you think sets you apart from others. What are you most proud of and what are the main things you want potential clients/followers/fans to know about you/your brand/your work/ etc.


  • I always try to provide the best customer service for my clients and make sure that they are happy during and after any photoshoot. I'm extremely detail oriented and very focused when I work. Most people think that photography is majorly what happens during the photoshoot, but the post photoshoot editing work is actually as important as the photoshoot session. I strongly believe that 50% of photography is the photoshoot and the other 50% is the editing part. Any photos that are not edited are not finished products. Me being a little perfectionist, I go through all the photos after every photoshoot very carefully and work on editing thoroughly. I absolutely love all aspects of photography and I think that reflects on my work when I share all photos with my clients because the feedback I always get is "LOVE them!" :)


  • I believe that first impression is super important and high quality photos of any business would always give a good impression on people seeing them for the first time. In other words, high quality visuals of any business would set that business apart from the other ones. While so many restaurants keep opening in South Florida, there are specific ones that people prefer going more than the others. Restaurant business is all about providing the best experience and the way they present themselves online and social media is crucial for the business to beat the competition. I feel proud being the photographer chosen to help building a strong brand for my restaurant clients and add high value to their marketing and advertising efforts.​

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