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Top 3 Tips For Taking The Best Food Photos

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Every genre of photography has certain special skills and methods that will get you the best results. While it may look simple capturing a few pictures of food items, it is not easy to get the effect that you want. Food photography is supposed to make the customers want to taste the food that is shown in the picture. You need to take the best food photos to make these customers get up and leave their house to go to that specific restaurant that serves this food.

Finding The Right Light

In restaurant photography, light is a very important factor. You want all the details of the food item to be seen. Overhead lights or your camera flash cannot bring the effect that you are looking for. You must find natural light in the way that you want it. You may have to move around trying to find the right light for your photos. Different places will have different lighting at different times of the day.

Different Angles Make Food Look Great

For different food items, different angles will suit them best. For example, pizza taken from above will look much better than from any other angle. Burgers look great from the sides. This angle will help to bring out the various layers of the burger in the best manner. A good food photographer has to try and move the plates in different directions and taking the photos from different angles. Later on you can select the ones looking the best.

You should not capture the food at a distance too close nor zooming in on it too much. Try to find the right distance from which the food can be identified as to what it is. If there are any distractions going on around the food, you must remove them because the focus should be always on the food.

The Camera Must Be Steady

It is always better to use a tripod to shoot food for restaurant marketing. A slight shake of the hands is enough to blur your picture. If you are taking food photos with a professional camera without a tripod, you must use a faster shutter speed which means that you will need more light in the frame. Raising the ISO will not give the image quality that you want.

Learn To Edit

In photography 50% of the work is the actual photo shoot and the other 50% is editing. You need to go through all of the photos you took and eliminate some among them. Try to pick at least one to two shots of each plate for your editing. Lightroom would be your best option to do your photo editing. You can adjust the white balance, colors, depth in your photos by editing and make the food look more vibrant and appealing.

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