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What Differentiates Food Photographers From Other Photographers

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

There are many difficulties in food photography. Unlike other subjects, food will not remain the same as time progresses. The freshness of the leaves and fruits will be gone. The steam that comes out of food will no longer be there. The ice in the drink will melt by the time you have set up your camera and props. Experienced food photographers will find a way to overcome these challenges. They know the trick to make your food look fresh and delicious.

Making Food Appear Fresh

It is not just the smell that makes one’s mouth water. A good food photographer can make the mouth water with a picture. This is what they are specialized in. They must make food appear good to eat. There are several things they do keep the food looking like it has just been prepared. Sometimes they reheat the soup several times just so that the steam that comes out of it can be captured.

Shooting In Low Light

Most restaurants don't have much natural light inside. Even artificial lighting will be very low. In such conditions, it is not easy to get the minute details in a dish. Without these details, it is not possible to get a photo that can attract people. Using a flash is not an option because it will make the food look boring and lifeless.

Photographers who are involved in restaurant photography will know what to do in such situations. They will come with the required equipment so that the photos come out well even in the low light. This is where the experience and expertise of a food photographer helps. Any other still life photographer cannot achieve the results that these professionals can achieve.

Food Photographers Tell A Story

It is not enough to shoot the food attractively. A photo used in restaurant marketing must tell a story about the dish. This is not possible if the person who clicks the pictures is not passionate about food. Food photographers are generally as passionate about food as they are about photography. This will help them to create a nice story around any dish. This is also what differentiates their photos from others.

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